Yard Sub Draines

One of the most common problems with surface water in a yard is poor soil conditions. A solution to this. Surface Drainage. Yards with clay soils suffer problems with lingering surface water. In theory every lot was graded to drain so that water in the backyard would flow through a swale down the side of the yard towards the curb or storm drain. The reality is that builders don’t always get their grades right and water becomes trapped, causing muddy areas in lawns and planting areas. We can design a new drainage system for you. It may utilize surface grading to ensure there is enough fall to drain, If there is not, another option must be found.

The French drain is an age old drainage solution that gathers water and provides a place underground where it may take it’s time to percolate down through the dense soil. It is essentially a trench that is dug to a specific depth and filled with gravel and possibly a perforated drain line. Filter cloth is laid over the top of the gravel and the soil brought up to grade for the allowance of turf or grass seed. The surrounding area is graded to drain to this trench so water will no longer gather on the surface to create problems.

Another common ground problem is Hardpan. The solution for this is Underground drainage. Where hardpan layers exist, the entire yard may suffer poor drainage and standing water. This is too great a challenge for spot solutions. This will require a site wide grading and a drainage system with underground perforated pipes fed by trench drains. The installation of the plastic perforated pipes will make it easier to move water off site and directly into a sump before entering the storm drainage system. The drainage system may prove to be the most important part of your project in areas of high rainfall such as the west coast where heavy flows are common. Such drainage systems cost more to install, but the results will be worth it.

Give Land’s Drainage a call, We will take care of your poorly draining yards once and for all.

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